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New Google Earth

Being a geography teacher, I can't help but be very pleased with the new Google Earth update. More immersive than before, it makes me ready to explore and wonder how my students will appreciate this update.  

Hackademics AI

Recently, I have been investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and possible applications of this technology to an educational context and beyond. Being creative with technology in an educational context (#hackademics) is something I am very...

Hackademics JASP

Now that we are collecting data with http://werenfridus.Quayn.eu and forms.Google.com we would like to have this data become beneficial to students. I need help with the analysis of this data.  Quayn has some built in options and sheets.google.com offers 'investigate'...

John Hattie on Visible Learning

John Hattie's meta-analysis evaluates the effects on student learning and shows: When teaching and learning are visible, there is a greater likelihood of students achieving higher Teachers need to be evaluators and activators Importance of feedback Seeking further...

Design in Education

I really enjoy design and especially when teachers get creative in education. Like Kevin Jarett and also Emily Piloton who use design principles to reinvent education. Design Thinking is Hot. Just watch this map.    

AS wk2-2016

App Smashing (AS) is a creative process where applications are used in a sequential order to enhance student engagement and to improve the learning outcomes. Here are some great apps to consider smashing this week: Formative "One of the best features includes the...

Vicky Davis on Writing

Vicky Davis on Writing

Vicky Davis is a cool teacher. She even has a cool twitter handle: @coolcatteacher.She recently posted "4 great writing tips". Writing is fundamental in education because it allows us to express ourselves. I applied Vicky’s ideas in this blog post and I am considering...

Beyond test-focused policies

Welner and Mathis (National Education Policy Center) make a strong case against the focus on standardized testing. I agree there are limits to the testing. It's a means to an end. That end is not the test itself, but part of communicating with students about learning...

Career readiness

There are two major trends in the world that pose a fundamental challenge--and many opportunities--to our educational system. One is the world is shifting from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy. The other is the rising generation--brought up on the...

Minds are not mechanisms

Great quote from this SA Teaching for Effective Learning framework guide:

“Minds are not mechanisms; they are organisms.
And organisms are not assembled; they grow.”
Guy Claxton

Rebuild by Design

I just started the implementation of Creative Classroom. I use Google Classroom as a backchannel to prepare student for Rebuild by Design. A google classroom dedicated to creativity. It's my form of expressing that I intend to practise what I...