Adam Lenaarts

I am HundrED ambassador & academy member

At HundrED we research and share inspiring innovations in education. We provide visibility to innovations that are valuable, impactful & scalable to foster an inclusive movement across the world.

I, Adam Lenaarts, am part of the growing HundrED Community as a part of the HundrED Academy for change. As a HundrED Academy member, I work to identify and recommend education innovations that are changing the way our children learn. I also try or support trial of innovations in my area of expertise educational technology and pedagogy. Using my area of expertise in education, I help HundrED to identify their Global 2020 Innovations by lending my knowledge to voting on innovations that are impactful and scalable!

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Vision, Issues, & Values

I am passionate about making learning a worthy experience to all, no matter what!  Optimizing the learner experience by looking at  it from the human design perspective.  

ResearchED and evidence informed teaching, I am a teacher and researcher at Tabor Academy.  We are working on getting academic research applied in our classrooms as well as researching practical questions that rise within our classrooms.  By bridging academic research on learning with practical experiences of teachers and learners we hope to optimize learning experiences.

Education community , I am part of several professional communities that activate teachers’ creativity to solve the biggest challenges in education today. In our collaborative learning programs we use Design Thinking, a learner-centered approach to problem solving. Teachers tap into their inner designer by trying new ideas and discovering what works and why for their students and schools.

Edtech evangelist, I am teacher leader in educational technology and pedagogy. 

Adam Lenaarts learning experience (ALLXP)

About Adam

Besides being a Master  of Education, Adam has broad experience working marketing and communication. He is an expert Product Manager pionering the fields of web and games development in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. He is now transforming education as owner of ALLXP, a company dedicated to optimizing the learning experience of all learners.

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News & Updates 

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